Yes we do and get good competitive money for your firearms , both pistols and long guns.

We also run all new buyers through a background check before they get firearm. which gets your family name off of them.

Yes we sell coins, from whole collections to just a few. We usually get better money for them than your average coin shop gets.

Yes we do both cars and trucks of any make and model. Usually we ask that they have good paper work with them.

Yes we do, we have done restaurants and schools and public buildings.

Yes we do, we pick up your items and bring back to our auction house location. For a fee, depending on location and how many loads. call for fee price.

Yes we do, ship in the U.S.A $ 5.00 a charge per box plus shipping costs. We usually use the post office.

Yes we do, we do about 15 events a year, from 400 people galas to 60 people local fundraiser, doing a live auction and also some MCing.

We’ve done school fundraisers. foundation fundraisers, banquets such as pheasants forever, and turkey federation, Deer hunters organization.